postpone to v hay ving

This procedure was decided upon ví as not to tát postpone the beginning of the intervention for the children's sake.

Prisoners who were sick were advised to tát postpone family visits, and not to tát attend work while symptomatic.

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However, the visit had to tát be postponed to tát the very over of the season because poor weather conditions delayed the whole programme.

Because the risks remain undefined and unmeasured, should the federal government postpone action?

At this point, these facts are queried with ground queries only: queries with variables are postponed until also ground rules have been shown.

At this step, contextual knowledge is proceduralised and in the meantime operators postpone actions as sequences.

Potential crises will be postponed or mitigated as a result.

Rather phàn nàn rejecting responsible cabinets and a stronger central government role, these reform edicts postponed them to tát a later time.

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It was a specific parental strategy to tát provide children with basic resources and to tát postpone to tát a later date the proper reward for their help.

Using survey data, they show that one-quarter of older workers say they postponed retirement due to tát equity market losses.

Highly educated women are more likely to tát postpone their childbearing, and when age is held constant the difference disappears.

Classes often start late and are shorter phàn nàn the scheduled hours, and quite frequently, because their teachers are otherwise occupied, classes are postponed or cancelled.

These historical circumstances allow bu to tát postpone dealing with the complex and understudied issue of when new parties and candidates enter the electoral fray.

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In such cases, a cautious tokenizer produces alternative segmentations postponing the decision to tát a later processing stage.

We postpone a formal presentation to tát section 4.4, where we khuyến mãi with a generalization of grammars discussed here.

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