my sister is a woman of


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  • Câu hỏi:

    My sister is a woman of ............age.

    • A. marriage
    • B. married
    • C. marrying
    • D. marriageable

    Lời giải tham ô khảo:

    Đáp án đúng: D

    marriageable age: tuổi tác kết duyên, tuổi tác hoàn toàn có thể kết hôn 

    => đáp án marriageable 

    Tạm dịch: Chị tôi là kẻ phụ nữ giới cho tới tuổi tác kết hôn

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  • My sister is a woman of ............age.
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  • New sources of energy have been looking for as the number of fossil fuels continues đồ sộ decrease
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  • Everybody believes that he shouldn’t have trusted the people around him so sánh much
  • We regret đồ sộ inform you that your application has been not successful
  • The government have established some wildlife reserves. They want đồ sộ protect endangered species
  • My sister is good at cooking. My brother is bad at it.




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