international women's day is an occasion to make more towards achieving gender equality


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Bạn đang xem: international women's day is an occasion to make more towards achieving gender equality

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International Women's Day is an occasion to tát make more ____ towards achieving gender equality.

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In Muslim countries, changes ____ to tát give women equal rights to tát natural or economic resources, as well as access to tát ownership.

Women are more likely to tát be victims of ____ violence.

In order to tát reduce gender inequality in South Korean society, women ____ more opportunities by companies.

In Yemen, women have less ____ to tát property ownership, credit, training and employment

Child marriage ____ in several parts in the world because it limits access to tát education and training.

The principle of equal pay is that men and women doing ____ work should get paid the same amount.

In Egypt, female students from disadvantaged families ____ scholarships to tát continue their studies.

In Korea, many people still feel that women should be in charge of ____ after getting married.

Discrimination on the basis of gender ____ from workplaces.

______have enough apples, she’ll make an táo pie this afternoon.

If you don’t know how to tát spell a word, you______look it up in the______dictionary.

If the sun______, we______for a walk.

The campfire______if it______last night.


wouldn’t be cancelled/hadn’t rained


wouldn’t have been cancelled/hadn’t rained


would have been cancelled/hadn’t rained

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will be cancelled/rains

But for our parents, we______successful in life.

If I______my wallet at trang chủ this morning, I______money for lunch now.


didn’t leave / would have


hadn’t left / would have


hadn’t left / would have had

If we______the plans carefully, we would not have had sánh many serious mistakes.

I will never talk to tát you again______you apologize me______your being rude.

______ you work harder, you will be sacked.

" I think you should stop smoking."


If I am you, I will stop smoking.


If I were you, I will stop smoking.


If I were you, I would stop smoking.

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If I had been you, I would stop smoking.

If you take the ice out of the fridge, it______.