imagine to v hay ving

Imagine Robert Redford when he was young - that's what John looks lượt thích.

imagine (that) They hadn't imagined (= expected) (that) it would be sánh difficult.

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I can't imagine (= I really don't know) what he wants from us.

Từ điển kể từ đồng nghĩa: những kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan, trái ngược nghĩa, và những ví dụ
  • imagineYou can just imagine her storing up these anecdotes for her dinner parties.
  • think ofI want you đồ sộ think of a time when you felt happy.
  • pictureCan you picture yourself at the age of 60 doing what you bởi now?
  • pictureWhen I say 'your car' you have a picture of that in your head.
  • in your mind's eyeIn my mind's eye, I'm still a uni student and not a middle-aged worker.
  • conceiveI can't conceive why anyone would want đồ sộ hurt her.

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imagine (that) I don't imagine (that) they have much money.

imagine so "Will they change it?" "I imagine sánh."

be imagining things "Did you hear a noise?" "No, you're imagining things/No, you must have imagined it."

She got married at 16! Imagine that!

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Các ví dụ của imagine


In contrast đồ sộ the classical norm, they become more than thở they had imagined.

Slavery is here imagined as occurring within the mind, as lack of independence from a particular idea or way of thinking.

As we have seen, an objection that quickly comes đồ sộ mind is that we have little trouble imagining worlds better than thở ours.

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One may, for example, be asked đồ sộ participate in a drill while imagining that one is playing in the upcoming championship.

Rather, a frequency-dependent build-up triggering mechanisms could be imagined.

Various scenarios leading đồ sộ this situation can be imagined.

She spoke it and imagined it and felt it really well.

In this approach, the history was imagined as a mark-book able đồ sộ report the major discoveries of the dialogue manager.

The processional music demonstrates an even more intractable interaction between the real and imagined.

How much is imagined, and how much does she know?

Indeed, the nation was imagined as an outcome of a break from the past.

The prisoner who imagines his cell đồ sộ be a meadow will soon lập cập into a brick wall if he tries đồ sộ live out his construction.

A place can be used in new spatial practices (some of them perhaps not imagined until long after it was built) as can any tool.

While upbow and downbow will never be equal, the idealised instrument could minimise the physical effort in producing arbitrarily imagined sounds.

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They have imagined objects or items in the extensions represented as points in multidimensional space.

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