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This PART 2 Should Never Have Happened

If you loved the first part, DONT WATCH THIS. You have been warned. This series suddenly made All of Us Our Dead a masterpiece.

The first part was an ok mess, there were some things that can be improved if you are nitpicking but still it was a fun gory watch.

Then this happened. The awaited conclusion, that sadly wasnt what it was expected to tướng be. There was a sudden shift in tone and genre - what was initially an apocalyptic scifi horror show became a teenage psychotic drama.

Unlike some people who enjoyed it till episode 9, i was already dreading the ending from episode 7, the shift in pacing was noticeable after the action sequence at the beginning of the episode, and was constantly waiting for the action and the momsters to tướng attack. By the kết thúc of episode 8, i already had the feeling the xinh tươi alien monsters are never coming back.

I can only conclude that the studio decided it is not worth to tướng give this series the budget for special effects but they're already shooting sánh they changed plan mid-way that forced them to tướng give it a totally different ending.

Dont get u wrong, these whole second part is not a bad drama - if it wasnt the conclusion of Duty After School Part 1. The problem is, this is not what i signed up for. I was waiting for a gory kết thúc, a satisfactory conclusion. I want answers to tướng the questions that arised from the first part, but none of that were resolved. In the finale, suddenly we are led to tướng believe that after 2 years, a magic wand was brandished and everything is back as it used to tướng be. Where are all these people during the war? What we get is a drama that reminds u sánh much of the series Happiness.

There was a line in the last episode that perfectly summarizes the whole PART 2, when Chi Yeol said that a weapon was developed and ridiculously all the spheres were eliminated. This part 2 is exactly that - a total pointless waste of time and money.

Whats even worse is how they treated the actors - because everyone was quite good in it. Their characters doesnt deseeve their endings and its such a waste as this could have been a career-launching show.

It is such a shame because there could be a wealth of ideas to tướng mine from the original story that could have been used to tướng extend the span of this series into multiple season.

Avoid at all cost. Not worth your time.

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