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In general, for health care centers it is vital đồ sộ know the kind and the intensity of emotions felt by its patients and how đồ sộ influence their quality of life and their response đồ sộ therapies. In particular, waiting areas in which patients spend a lot of time without significant interactions is an important focus of this study. Recent studies suggest that a quality in fact and in perception is two significant parts, which affect and play a powerful role in an overall satisfaction in health care. The aim of this study is đồ sộ understand how đồ sộ increase positive and decrease negative emotions by a re-design of waiting areas inside health care centers where patients spend a considerable amount of time without any significant interactions. To measure the quality of satisfaction felt by patients inside of such an environment we refer đồ sộ their emotions that we model basing on Affective Neuroscience. According đồ sộ Panksepp, we have a categorized and unambiguous number of emotions, precisely de...

Attitudes towards English varieties in an Indonesian language school By Angga Kramadibrata The purpose of this study is đồ sộ determine which variety of English Indonesian learners prefer, English, North American, or Australian. Currently, there is little published data đồ sộ show which varieties Indonesians are most exposed đồ sộ and which varieties they prefer or find more comprehensible. This study was designed đồ sộ help fill that void. The questionnaire was designed đồ sộ elicit: - implicit attitudes towards English varieties - exposure đồ sộ different English varieties. - ability đồ sộ identify ‘native’ varieties of English - the perceived comprehensibility of English varieties The varieties that were focused on are English, Australian, and North American English. Responses were taken from 37 students from a private language school in Indonesia ranging in age from 18 – 38, and English levels from Elementary đồ sộ Advanced. The data shows respondents are equally positive towards all three of them, but they bởi have a slightly stronger preference for the North American and Australian varieties. We will also see that, regardless of their ability đồ sộ bởi ví in L1, respondents had difficulty in identifying English varieties using just an audio clip. In addition, there does seem đồ sộ be a links between the variety of English respondents are most exposed đồ sộ and that variety’s perceived comprehension. That said, more research is needed đồ sộ confirm these results.

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This paper is presenting the idea of using adjectives as raw material đồ sộ phối up a bridge able đồ sộ attach the language đồ sộ its culture. Adjectives are omnipresent in English expressions as in idiomatic similes, descriptive styles, functions, proverbs and ví on. The paper is only a blueprint which needs extended elaboration đồ sộ reach other levels. I wish this very humble and simplified work will be of some utility for educators and whom it concerns.